The Need for Good Jobs

On this episode of the More Than Profit podcast, Bryce Butler of Access Ventures, talks with Betsy Biemann, CEO of Coastal Enterprises Inc., a nationally-known community development financial institution founded in 1977 that works to grow good jobs, green enterprises, and shared prosperity in Maine and rural regions across the U.S.

Bryce and Betsy discuss the seven elements that make up a “good job” and who is responsible for creating those jobs. In addition, they discuss the relationship between capital and justice, the impacts of globalization and technology on workers, the differences between rural and urban CDFIs, and the importance of childcare to a functioning economy.

Betsy is a graduate of both Harvard and Princeton Universities and is the Vice-Chair of the Opportunity Finance Network and serves as the Treasurer of both the New Growth Innovation Network and the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation. She dedicated her life to impact-minded work at organizations including the Rockefeller Foundation, The Synergos Institute, Main Technology Institute, and The Aspen Institute. Learn more on this episode of More Than Profit, The Need for Good Jobs with Betsy Biemann.

“If you work hard and you work full-time, you shouldn’t be poor.” - Betsy Biemann

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