What is the Reconstruct Challenge?

The Reconstruct Challenge is a platform that finds innovative solutions to structural inefficiencies in our communities, funds a proof of concept of those innovations in the Louisville, and helps those solutions scale.

Who can apply?

You must apply on behalf of a company incorporated in the United States. For-profits and nonprofits welcome!

Do you have to be located in Louisville?

You don’t have to live in Louisville, you just need to implement your solutions in the Louisville region.

How do I apply?

You can register and apply through Survey Monkey. Registrations are live. The deadline to apply is August 10th.

How will proposals be assessed?

Submitted proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Feasible - Does the proposal demonstrate the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully implement the proposed solution in the Louisville region? Does the project budget seem reasonable? Is the solution financially sustainable?

Impactful - Are there demonstrated results that indicate that the proposed solution will address health equity in the Louisville region? Are the needs of the target beneficiaries addressed?

Scalable - Is the project well-positioned to grow into other markets/regions?

Enduring - Is the approach durable with a high potential to succeed and result in addressing challenges related to health equity? Is the proposed solution innovative, effective and efficient as it responds to addressing the needs of those affected by challenges to health equity?

If the proposal makes it to the finalist stage, they will have an interview with members from our selection panel.