Food Justice

In 2021, over 13.6 million households in the United States experienced food insecurity and 1 in 8 households with children in the United States could not buy enough food for their families. Food insecurity is a problem in America, and the solutions needed to address the problem are complex. Food insecurity can be related to lack of stable employment, lack of accessible/affordable transportation to and from grocery stores, systemic racism or racial discrimination, lack of access to affordable housing and/or healthcare. 

Poverty is cyclical and complex, there are no silver bullet solutions. But we believe that if we work together, we can enact meaningful change and work to decrease food insecurity in the Louisville region.

Reconstruct Challenge: Food Justice is seeking to find and fund innovations that are working to increase food access and decrease food insecurity in the Louisville region.

● 100,000 Louisville residents experienced food insecurity in 2021

● Among its cohort of peers, Louisville is the worst performer in terms of households that do not have a car and live relatively far from a grocery store (more than 1 mile).

● In Louisville and its peer cities, the childhood food insecurity rate is much higher than the overall food insecurity rate. 

● 1 in 5 Louisville residents live in a food desert 

This Reconstruct Challenge was supported by funds made available by the Kentucky Department for Public Health’s Office of Health Equity from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for STLT Public Health Infrastructure and Workforce, under RFA-OT21-2103.


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Addressing barriers to food justice

Change Today, Change Tomorrow
Change Today, Change Tomorrow is a Black woman-led non-profit organization in Louisville, KY. Through our pillars of service, Food Justice, Community Engagement, and Public Health, we provide for the most marginalized communities in Louisville, because when you show up for the most marginalized, you show up for everyone.
Feed Louisville
Feed Louisville is a food justice organization centered on the work of a team of professional chefs who cook meals daily for our houseless community using overproduced food from local restaurants, bakers, caterers and farmers.
Free From Market
Free-From-Market (FFM) is a patient-driven, digital health platform providing personalized food selection and health coaching within a member’s cultural norms and preferences, while allowing patients, providers, and payers to measure specific health outcomes.
Journey Foods
Journey Foods builds AI-driven supply chain software to enhance packaged food nutrition, cost, and sustainability. We’ve built the world’s most actionable database, providing product development, portfolio management, and supply chain insights.
Nori Project
The Nori Project Inc. is the Food Equi-tech Company Monsooning America’s Food Deserts and beyond through the use of ultramodern vending machines. Nori will sell fresh produce and hot healthy meals on command in these weatherproof vending machines that will operate outside on sidewalks seemingly on every city block.


It starts with a challenge

  1. Applications received
  2. Evaluation panel reviews
  3. Top 10 applicants selected
  4. Selection committee interviews
  5. Final 5 companies selected and awarded $100,000 to bring their solutions to Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Challenge launches

June 2023

Applications due

August 10

Recipients announced

September 2023


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