Operationalizing Your Values

On this episode of More Than Profit, Bryce talks with Scott Koloms, President and CEO of Facilities Management Services, the first b-corp certified janitorial company in the world and Founder of Canopy, a nonprofit working to create a more vibrant and relevant Kentucky economy that serves all folks and takes care of our beautiful landscape.

Over the years, Scott has had a significant impact through his work. Fueled by his education, his values, his family history, and more, Scott works to be intentional with every decision he makes as a CEO. Bryce and Scott talk about the public benefit corporation legislation they worked on together, what values are important when you are running a company, and the employee-centered program they have at FMS, made possible by the Reconstruct Challenge grants, and more.

“When you think of a for-profit business, for me, the money is the points, not the motivator.”
Scott Koloms

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