Addressing the Impact of Incarceration

On this episode of More Than Profit, Bryce is talking with Briane Cornish, Founder and Executive Director of Brooklyn-based company, finEQUITY. finEQUITY advances the financial futures of those impacted by long-term incarceration. Justice-impacted individuals oftentimes do not have a credit score.

Bryce and Briane talk about the implications of not having a credit score and how finEQUITY helps individuals mitigate them by providing micro-loans to help build credit and prove creditworthiness. Briane grew up in the shelter system and has first-hand experience with the policies and programs that are intended to help people struggling with financial insecurity. The lack of human-centered design in these policies and programs was apparent to her at a young age, which is why she is so adamant about working to address the challenges that surround incarceration with people that are actually experiencing those challenges.

“When we design things, we put the people we’re designing for at the center of our issue”.”
Briane Cornish

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