Share your solution to help lower ancillary costs for individuals experiencing housing insecurity.

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You must submit your application no later than Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.


The Reconstruct Challenge is designed to address the housing gap in the greater Louisville and Southern Indiana metropolitan service statistical area (MSA). We are facing a shortage of over 24,000 units of affordable housing, but affordable housing is more than bricks and mortar solutions or the payment of rent or a mortgage. Your living situation influences how much you have to pay for transportation, utilities, and in some cases food, childcare, insurance, and emergency services. Anyone facing an over-extended disposable income is taxed even further by exorbitant ancillary costs. By better controlling those additional costs, we can help make more equitable housing accessible for cash-strapped citizens. Those related costs are an important part of bridging the housing gap, so long as solution providers can offer a clear and compelling understanding of that connection. We feel so strongly that these issues are important (and often overlooked) that the Reconstruct Challenge explicitly does not provide funding for the construction or renovation of housing units. Rather, we want to address those challenges that surround the housing gap, so that we can focus on making housing more affordable with non-traditional solutions.


Provide a clear and succinct explanation of your organization’s solution. Your Quick Pitch is a brief statement that each evaluator will read to develop an initial understanding of your proposed solution.  This is your opportunity to make a strong first impression.


Please provide a title for your proposal.


Please select the category that best aligns with your proposed solution. Please note: you may not apply for funding to construct or renovate housing units.


Please explain how your solution links directly to bridging the housing gap. What can you offer that will alleviate exorbitant ancillary costs or other pressures, allowing families to afford safe and respectable living conditions? How do you intend to apply your solution to the Louisville and Southern Indiana MSA specifically?


The following information is required to capture a basic understanding of the structure, management, and capabilities of your team.


Describe your organization and the work that you do. Why is this work important to your team? How is your organization uniquely qualified to bridge the housing gap in the Louisville and Southern Indiana MSA?


Each team must be led by one person, who assumes final responsibility for completing the application. The Application Lead Contact may delegate responsibilities to others, but he or she will act as the primary point of contact and must have a working knowledge of all decisions. Please provide the name and title of your Application Lead Contact. He or she may be different than the person who completed registration.

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PARTNERSHIPS (150 words)

If your team has agreed to partner with one or more other organization(s) on this application, provide a brief narrative of the structure of your partnerships, including any decision-making authority between the parties. Partnerships may include one or more nonprofit organizations, for-profit ventures, and/or government entities as secondary partners. If you do not have any partners, please answer with N/A.


Please provide a narrative description of your management structure with the name/title for each team member who assumes a key role/responsibility for overseeing the delivery of the proposed solution.


In this section, you will describe your proposed solution to the housing gap in the Louisville and Southern Indiana MSA. The Reconstruct Challenge is specifically looking to beta test new innovative ideas in three counties and proposed solutions must be located in Jefferson County, Kentucky, Floyd County, Indiana, or Clark County, Indiana. Take time to underscore both the specific strengths of your strategic approach and how your proposed implementation will impact target communities. We are also interested in hearing about any personal connections your team may have to your project and why this work is important to you. (A personal connection to your work is not required and will not affect your application.) Our hope is that successful projects will have the ability to be scaled across the region or around the country.


Describe in detail the specific issue you are trying to solve as related to the housing gap in the Louisville and Southern Indiana MSA. Outline why your team has chosen this problem. Use data to describe the scope of the problem and focus on the relative importance of it (as compared to other issues). 

YOUR SOLUTION (250 words)

Earlier in the application, you were asked to provide a Quick Pitch for your proposed solution. Now, you have an opportunity to expand and provide more detail. Explain your proposed solution so that a non-technical reader can easily understand. What is the connection between your proposed solution and alleviating exorbitant ancillary costs for the housing insecure in the Louisville and Southern Indiana MSA? What makes your approach innovative and different from existing solutions?


Significant portions of the Louisville and Southern Indiana MSA are federally designated Opportunity Zones. One intangible goal of the Reconstruct Challenge is to incentivize investment and community growth within these zones. If your work coincides with an Opportunity Zone, explain this connection and how it may impact your proposed solution. Please note, it is not a requirement of the Reconstruct Challenge that your work take place in an Opportunity Zone. If your work does not coincide with an Opportunity Zone, enter "not applicable" below.


Now that you have described what you are offering and why, explain who you are serving. Please describe the individuals, their unique needs, and what aspects of your solution are specific to these needs.

SCALABILITY (250 words)

The Reconstruct Challenge is looking for proposed solutions for bridging the housing gap, starting in the Louisville and Southern Indiana MSA, and the potential for scale and adoption (this could be locally, regionally, or nationally) is a crucial component of success. Explain how your proposed project is prepared to grow and expand, over what time, and given what necessary resources. How can you ensure success in a variety of locations and target populations?


What evidence do you have that your proposed solution will work? Present the results of any external evaluations that your approach has undergone. Reference any literature or scientific consensus to verify that the actions you describe will lead to the outcomes you predict. Explain the results of any pilot project or cases studies that have been completed using your proposed solution, if applicable.


Describe the projected measurable outcome of your proposed solution. Include the number of target beneficiaries that you plan to reach, the specific impact on those recipients of your services, and the long-term effect of your intervention. How do you intend to measure this impact? As you assert any claims, make your case based on the most realistic explanation of your proposed effort. How will you define success? 


Describe how your proposed solution will endure over time. How will your solution continue to create benefits for the community and remain sustainable? 


While the information provided in the previous section is intended to reveal strategic and practical implementation plans for your proposed solution, we also require other information necessary for our judges to understand the financial needs and sustainability of your proposal. You are required to submit a comprehensive budget and complementary explanations for the $300,000 award.


Please offer a general overview for how you would use the grant award, if you were to receive the cash award of $300,000. Your budget narrative description should include, in broad terms, total projected needs by category, and you may include any explanations of existing resources that you have secured.


Provide specific line items from your budget narrative (above) for your work. To help us understand your organization's priorities, please provide a detailed budget for how you would spend the $300,000 grant if you received it today. Please make sure that any funds identified in this table reflect and clarify your general explanations provided in your budget narrative. Budgets must equal $300,000.


Does your proposed solution requires additional resources besides $300,000? If so, please explain what specific types of non-financial resources would be helpful as your organization implemented your proposed solution. If you have already secured any additional resources for your proposed solution, both financial and non-financial, please describe them here.


Please describe how resources will be mobilized to establish a sustainable funding base for your proposed solution. How will you ensure financial sustainability, specifically as it relates to your solution’s scalability? If you feel your approach does not require recurring financial support, please describe why this is the case.


If there is any other information you would like reviewers to consider, please include it here.


You are required to submit a video presentation that captures your own pitch for why your proposed solution should be funded. You will upload a short digital film using YouTube. Set the Privacy Settings on your video to Public or Unlisted; do not set them to Private. Your video may be extracted from your submissions and made available to the public. Please appeal to a broad audience.

Video submissions should follow these guidelines or your application may be disqualified:

Here are general suggestions for delivering a high-quality video pitch:

You will record your video and upload to YouTube; then, you will enter your YouTube Video ID.